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FARA provides a unique product portfolio with open and integrated on-board and back office solutions for Automatic Fare Collection, Fleet Operations & Management, Traffic Management, Real Time Passenger Information and Infotainment systems.

FARA has an experienced team who has been in the business for more than 20 years. FARA can be responsible from the early design and development phase, through the supply and installation, operation and finally the service and maintenance phase.

Selected FARA references:


The county of Vest-Agder:
Complete AFC system for 230 buses
The counties of Nord- and Sør-Trøndelag:
Complete AFC system for 600 buses, boats and trains
The county of Rogaland:
Complete AFC system for 400 buses
The county of Troms:
Complete AFC system for 350 buses
The counties of Hedmark and Oppland:
Complete AFC system for 700 buses
Nera System-3:
AFC system for bus, boat and ferry with a total delivery of more than 1 100 ticketing machines
The county of Telemark:
Complete AFC system for 100 buses
The county of Vestfold:
Complete AFC system for 250 buses
Airport Express Train, Oslo:
Platform validators

The Helsinki Metropolitan Area:
On-board equipment and validators for 1 700 buses, 110 trams, 42 metros and 4 ferry terminals.

Movia, Copenhagen:
Fleet Management and Traffic Priority for 208 countdown displays

The county of Norrbotten:
Complete AFC system for 350 buses

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